There are twelve educational activities, one arcade game and a coloring activity to be discovered in Didi and Ditto’s world. What follows is a short description of each one and a graphic indication of where to find them.

The Beaver’s Lodge

The Xylofun
Memory - Sound sequencing

Learning objective: Pattern recognition, as it is an important pre-writing
and pre-math skill.

A “homemade” xylophone is sitting on the shore of the pond. There is a fruit or vegetable in it that can only be retrieved if four musical sequences are repeated in the same order as they are played.

The Levels:
The difference between the levels is the length of the patterns. Level 1 is four notes long, level 2 is five notes long and level 3 is six notes long.

The Paint Easel

Learning objective: Introduction to some color names.

There is an easel at the edge of the pond. If you click on it, you can color a series of coloring pages. Clicking in an area fills it with the selected color. Each color has its name written on screen and the word will be said when the color is selected.

There is no food given for playing this activity.

The Meadow

Popping Rabbits

Memory match game

Learning objective: To practice memory skills, recognizing letter forms and sight words.

At the beginning of this activity a rabbit pops up from behind a rock and explains the game. When a rock is clicked on, a rabbit pops up and spins his sign around revealing the letter, number or word that is on the opposite side. The goal of the game is to match the rabbits who have the same letter, number or word on their signs.

The Levels:
Level 1 features eight rocks, level 2 has ten and level 3 has twelve. In level 1 and 2, you will be matching two letters or two numbers that are the same. In level 3, you will be matching sight words, a word with a word.

The Bees
Counting, simple addition

Learning objective: To practice early math skills.

After clicking on the beehive, we discover that the queen bee needs your
help. To help her in level 1 and 2, you must catch the number of bees indicated on the flower and bring them one by one to the hive. There will be an audio count said each time the player drags a bee into the hive. In level 3, you must catch the bee that has the solution to the equation that is written on the flower.

The Levels:
Level 1 will ask for numbers up to five and level 2 up to ten. The equations for level 3 will always result in a total equal to five or under.

In each level, you will be asked 5 questions.

Deep in the Forest

Falling Leaves
Shape matching arcade

Learning objective: To practice shape recognition, an important pre-reading skill.

When the player clicks on the owl, he complains that a strong wind has blown many leaves off his favorite plant and that he would like you to catch them and put them back in their correct place.

The Levels:
In level 1 there are six missing leaves, in level 2 there are nine missing leaves and in level 3 there are twelve missing leaves.

Mushroom Gathering
Size and pattern difference

Learning objective: Seriation - Larger, smaller, fewest, most, short, tall.

It‘s mushroom gathering time and a friendly insect would like some help gathering and classifying some mushrooms. A little train will pull up and you must put the mushrooms into the correct carts by listening to the instructions given by the insect.

The Levels:
The level 1 trains have three wagons, the level 2 trains have four wagons and the level 3 trains have five wagons.

The Farm

Chicken Coup
Pattern recognition arcade

Learning objective: To practice prediction and timing.

At the top of the screen, there is a row of chickens and at the bottom of the screen is a conveyor with baskets on it. You must click on the chicken at the right moment in order to make an egg with the proper pattern fall into the nest on the conveyor belt with the same pattern. You will need to gather the right number of each patterned egg to win. The number of each type of egg needed is indicated on a display at the bottom of the screen.

The Levels:
The difference between the levels is the complexity of obstructions between the shelf of chicken and the conveyor below with level 1 having no obstructions.

The Scarecrows

Beginning Phonics

Learning objective: Letter sounds - pre-reading practice.

When you click on the scarecrow, you switch to a view of the field with several scarecrows in it. Ouisy, the prairie dog, pops out and explains the game. He is holding a sign and the scarecrows all have signs hanging from them. The object of the game is to match a letter with a picture.

The Levels:
In level 1 and 2, the five scarecrows have pictures on their signs, while
the prairie dog has a letter on his. In level 3 it is the other way around,
with Ouisy holding the picture and the scarecrows having letters on their

You must complete 5 rounds.

The Swamp

Rhyme Catching
Rhyming Picture Game

Learning objective: To practice rhyming sounds that are represented by

When you click on the tree behind Didi or Ditto, you are presented with a view with several frogs hanging from bulrushes. There is a picture on the sign at the bottom of the screen and each fly is carrying a leaf with a picture on it. You can drag the flies to any frog. The object is to drag the fly that has a picture whose name rhymes with the picture displayed on the leaf to one of the frogs, so that they will eat it.

The Levels:
In level 1 you need to capture six rhyming pictures. Each question involves one picture displayed on the sign and two moving flies. In level 2, you need to capture nine rhyming pictures. Each question involves one picture displayed on the sign and three moving flies. In both level 1 and 2, putting the pointer over a fly or the sign will cause the audio for the name of the picture to play. In level 3 you need to capture twelve rhyming pictures. Each question involves one picture displayed on the sign and three moving flies. There are no roll overs sounds in this level.

Pond Crossing
Math arcade

Learning objective: To practice simple addition.

This activity is triggered by clicking on one of the frogs in the background. You must move your frog at the right moment to jump to the next lily pad and get across the water by using the mouse or the up arrow key. Each of the five leaves on the other side of the pond have a different number on them. You must get to the one which is the answer to the equation that is written on the flower.

There are five equations to complete. Each time an equation is done the frog and the lily pads change colors. You must only hop on lily pads that are the same color as your frog.

The Levels:
Here the difference between the levels is in the difficulty of the equations given.

The Waterfall

Blowing Bubbles

Learning objective: To practice logical sequencing.

This activity is triggered by clicking on the turtle in the middle of the water. He will ask if you would like to play a little game with him in return for some of the food he has found. Tiny Turtle uses a wooden tube to blow in the water and create bubbles in the shapes of spheres, pyramids and cubes. You must grab the correct bubble shapes and place them in their proper place by deciphering the patterns in the row at the bottom of the screen.

The Levels:
The difference between the levels has to do with the difficulty of the patterns that must be deciphered.

You need to complete five patterns correctly to win.

The Mountain Top

Grease Making

Learning objective: To spell words using their letters.

When you click on the dog house, Couki the dog explains that he would love to take you for a buggy ride but the wheels on the buggy are too rusted. The good news is that you can go into the house and make the grease that is needed. Once inside the house you will find yourself in front of a strange looking machine with 26 bottles with the letters of the alphabet inscribed on them. The words that must be spelled will be written one at a time on the leaf in the middle of the apparatus.

The Levels:
The difference between the levels will be the difficulty of the words and the number of words which must be spelled.

There is no food given after this activity.

Buggy Ride

After mixing the grease you can now go for a ride down the mountain in the buggy and get some food. Just click on the buggy and you will be off. You must press the “Jump” button to jump over the holes and obstacles in the pathway and use the “Duck” button to make sure no one hits their heads.

As well as a “Jump” and “Duck” buttons on screen, the up and down keyboard arrows can be used.

Blue Bear’s Cave

Alphabet Cave
The letters

Leaning objective: To practice the alphabet.

When you click on the cave, you will go to a view inside the cave and Blue Bear will pop out and explain his alphabet game. In each view of the cave there are rocks or balloons with letters on them. You must answer questions about the alphabet. Each time a question is completed the screen will pan to another wall in the cave.

The Levels:
Level 1 focuses on the identification of letters, level 2 covers placing letters in alphabetical order as well as matching small and capital letters and level 3 has alphabetical order questions and adds several phonics questions to the mix.

You need to get five correct to win.