The Characters

There are a many wonderful characters in the world of Didi and Ditto. Here is a little background information about some of them.

Didi and Ditto

Our two main characters are members of the Castor Canacolouris family, which can be distinguished from regular beavers by their rich coloring and the fact that they walk on two rather than four legs. They are highly intelligent, speak and act very similarly to humans. This is very surprising as most of these beavers have never seen a human.

Didi is someone who always has her life under control. She is confident, bold and always ready for a new adventure. She loves her younger (by one minute) twin brother, but she will be the last person to let him know. Because she sees Ditto as her younger brother, she feels responsible for him and tries to run his life like her own.
Ditto always feels good about himself until his sister Didi points out some lame reason why he should not feel good about himself. But he knows she‘s just teasing him and quickly recovers. He just wishes she would stop putting him in situations where he needs to make a quick decision, because he hates not being able to think things through. He likes to plan as much as possible before doing something, which usually is a good thing.

One of the predators that live in the Valley is the Canis Mauvus or Purple Wolf. These wolves have the very peculiar trait of being vegetarians. Something about their ancestors making friends with a flock of sheep and then not being able to eat them. However members of this pack of wolves are sworn to hide this little known fact. They are not to be confused with their cousins Canis Rohasis or Reddish Wolves, who can be understood better by reading Ralf‘s description below.

Hip Hop
A very energetic creature that can be found in great numbers in the Valley is the Lepus Jaunus or Yellow Rabbit. Fast and mischievous, these animals love to play practical jokes. Their favorite target being the purple wolves, they usually work alone but every now and then will group up to target a particular wolf. When they are not teasing wolves, they can usually be found showing off their deep understanding of prepositions, adverbs and their opposites.
Couki is a very curious puppy. His nose often gets him into trouble. Couki‘s favorite activity is riding down the mountain side in a buggy, because he really loves it when the wind is strong enough to blow his ears into the air. With the exception of when he is in his dog house, Couki always wants to be in the place where he is not. For example, if he is inside, he wants to be outside; if he is outside, he will want to be inside.
This little owl loves magic and although she does not realize it, she is capable of a lot of really good magic tricks. The only problem is that for some reason her magic tricks never quite turn out as she expects them to. Most of the time the effects of her spells happen behind her back. So everyones sees the results but her. But she knows some of her magic works so nothing is going to stop her!

This old bug is really a grump, but somehow we can tell that deep inside he has a soft spot. It‘s finding his soft spot that is so hard! When the old hermit stopped using the house on the mountain, Grumpy moved right in and took over the whole house. He considers Cooki the dog as part of the package, making him the first bug to have a dog as a pet.
Ouisy is a mischievous prairie dog. Practical jokes are his passion, to the point of sometimes annoying his friends and family. He gets his name from the odd laughing sound he makes when he thinks he has found or done something quite clever. Of course, what Ouisy thinks is clever is not always what everyone thinks is clever.

Blue Bear
Blue Bear is a little shy and likes hiding behind trees and pretending no one can see him. He also loves having birthday parties and will give one for anyone whose birthday it happens to be. This has had the effect of his cave being in an almost permanent party state. The only thing he cannot tolerate are sneaky wolves.

Fly Guy
Don‘t let his small size fool you. Fly Guy is a champion when it comes to flying. He is also an athlete that is interested in all sports. You will always find him practicing and trying to improve himself. His one big dream is to one day be on the Olympic team. Unfortunately Jako‘s Valley does not have an olympic team, but that‘s not stopping Fly Guy!

Comedy Ann
The habitants of Jako‘s Valley have never heard of Whoopi Goldberg or Phyllis Diller, but that doesn‘t matter as they have their very own Comedy Ann, who is always nearby with a joke to tell.

Tiny Turtle
Tiny is one of quite a few turtles that live in the valley. This species has wonderful coloring, with no two turtles being alike. But there is a downside to their wonderful shells, they are unfortunately always popping open. An effect that happens mostly when they try and stand on the rear two legs. The true annoyance of this ill effect is that these turtles love to stand on their two hind legs.

Venus is one of a special breed of chickens that can be found in Jako‘s Valley. They come is many colors, but all share the same single-minded goal. To fly! And although they have not become great flyers, they have all at least become experts at falling. The residents of Jako‘s Valley have all become watchful of falling chickens, as you never know where and when one of these gals will fall out of the sky.

Frank Frog
The frogs found in this part of the world are rather big and vary greatly in their colorings. Like Frank they all possess wonderfully deep voices and love to join in on any old sing-along.

Belinda Bug
This ladybug is a clean freak. She is on a war against dirt! So don‘t get in her way or you might end up in her dustpan! Belinda is also an incurable romantic and loves things that are heart-shaped and pink.

Ralf is a Canis Rohasis or Reddish Wolf, who are close cousins to the Purple Wolves, and although they eat mostly plants, they like to think of themselves as carnivores. Members of his species are very clumsy and can be found tripping and falling all around the Valley. Just like Zolt, Ralf is always hungry and spends all his time looking for food.