Didi and Ditto will introduce you to a wacky and colorful world populated with lovable and engaging characters. A very special place filled with things to do, discover and learn.

Our story begins when, during a game of “turnip-tennis”, a loud sound arouses Didi and Ditto‘s curiosity and causes them to go quickly running through the forest. This results in one of them getting caught by a very hungry wolf named Zolt. Luckily Zolt happens to be a vegetarian and would much rather eat veggies than a beaver if he has the choice. So, now it is up to you to gather fruits and vegetables in order to exchange them for the trapped sibling. But you must hurry because Zolt won’t wait for ever!

Two ways to play!

Didi and Ditto are two very special beavers, with two very different personalities and one of the special features of this game is that you can choose to play as either one.

More than just a game!

To succeed in getting a hold of enough food to feed that hungry wolf, you will need to use all your special talents in math, phonics, rhyming and problem solving. As you explore this game‘s fresh 3D graphic look you will discover twelve different educational activities and several fun games, most of them offering three difficulty levels.