Before you begin...

Before beginning the game you have a few choices to make. Many options are presented to you in the introduction. First choose an icon to identify your saved games. Write your name under the icon if you wish. (Four different players can each save up to 10 games). Then, you must choose the difficulty level for the activities. From one game to the other, the questions in the activities will differ. If you are not sure what level to choose, we suggest that you start with level one.

Getting around...

The intro movie will end with Didi or Ditto at the top of the hill, where we have a great view of the whole valley. First, give Didi or Ditto the carrying sack (it is in the hole in the tree trunk on the left side of the screen). Then after Didi or Ditto will turn and face the valley, choose where in the valley you would like to go first. If you move your cursor around the screen, the areas that you can visit will become highlighted.

The main controls

When you drag your pointer to the bottom of the screen, a few things will appear from the bottom of the screen, a “Back” arrow, the inventory panel and an “Options” button. These are the controls you will need the most often.

Getting back...
To get back from any of the places you have visited, including the activities, you must use the “Back” arrow that becomes available when you move your cursor to the bottom of the screen or press the F1 key.

Keeping track of your progress...
To see if you have enough food for Zolt just check the carrying sack which appears when you drag your cursor to the bottom of the screen or when you press the F1 key. This shows you how many fruits and vegetables you have collected. You will need twelve to complete the game.
The options...
Clicking on the flower-like button will take you to the “Options” screen. This is where you can adjust the volume, change levels, have access to the activities you have played, save and load games, see the credits or quit.

Hints and help

The pointer...

By default, the pointer is a purple arrow. When it is over a “clickable” it will turn yellow.
When the pointer takes the shape of an “opened” hand, it means that it is above an object that can be “dragged and dropped”. For example, catching a bee and bringing it to the hive, or giving the carrying sack to Didi or Ditto.
You will only see this cursor in the coloring pages activity. When over a paintable area, click and that area will be filled with the selected color.

A little help from your friends...

To get an idea of what to do next, click on Didi or Ditto. He or she will give you hints and clues.

Automatic saving...

When you quit, your progress in the game will be automatically saved. To continue your game, click on the same fruit or vegetable icon as you selected in your last game, on the following menu screen, click on “Saved Game”. Your most recent game is represented by the leaf icon at the bottom center of the screen. Click on it and you will be at the same place as you left from.

Keyboard Commands

Will bring up the inventory, back arrow and options buttons. Dragging your cursor to the bottom of the screen will have the same effect.
Will take you to the “Options” screen. This is where you can adjust the volume, change levels, have access to the activities you have played, save and load games, see the credits, or quit.
Will take you to the “Save Game” screen, where you just have to click on one of the leaves to save your progress in the game.
This is a special key for educators and those who want to access the activities without playing the game. During normal play, the activities are only “unlocked” if they have been completed successfully. The F6 unlocks all the activities immediately.
Can be used to skip animations, activity instructions and the movies at the beginning and end of the game. Be careful, most of this content is really entertaining so you won‘t want to miss anything.
ESC, CTRL + Q (Windows), APPLE + Q (Mac)
All of these controls will allow you to quit the game.