Scene 16 - The Yard

If you click all around, you will see Freddy and Mousse to your right. What? The time machine has disappeared! Find it in the cave with Pompon and Nopompon, the evil cousins.

Scene 17 - The Old Well

It will be easy to retrieve it considering how much they like sweets... they will trade it for pies!

As you make your way out of the cave, you can make a wish while throwing pebbles into the well or try to find all of the dragonflies hidden along the stoney walls. Now, go to the left, out of the cave.

Scene 18 - The Yard

Click on the chipmunk and keep your promise of feeding those rats!


Learning objective: Fractions.

Listen to Pompon and Nopompon’s requests then choose the right pie cutter by clicking and dragging it over the appropriate pie. Place the pieces on the plate and click on the bell. Keep feeding them until they cannot eat anymore. Great, the time machine is yours again!
Click on the test tube on the time machine to add the Sparklies you have found. Next, take your place in the driver’s seat, start it up and get ready for your trip back to the future.