Disk One:

Scene 1 - The Garden

If you venture towards the right, Mia might find a Sparkly hidden in the grass. Next, Mia must propel herself into the vegetable garden to the left by using the popsicle stick near the flower pot as a seesaw. Click on the stick to position the right side towards the ground. Click again and Mia will get into position. Use one of the rocks (the bigger one is the right one, but why don’t you try the small one first and see what happens!) as a counterweight by clicking and dragging it to our heroine, she will do the rest!

Scene 2 - The Vegetable Garden

By walking or skating to the left, you will see Mia’s friends, the ants. They are comfortably sleeping but you will need to wake them up. Proceed further towards the left and look near the tennis ball. A bell or a flute might help us wake them up! Click on the object and Mia will gladly place it in her magic backpack. Go back to the ants and click on them.


Learning objective: Numbers recognition, subtraction, division, multiplication.

Solve the equation in Mia’s notebook and wait for the answer to appear. Click and drag it into the bin with the red and green lights. Once you have solved all 10 equations, you will have earned the lock for the ignition.
Mia must now go to Mr. Mole’s burrow which is to the left of the tennis ball. Click on the gong to ring his doorbell. If he does not answer, you will need to find another Sparkly before speaking to him.