Scene 3 - Mr. Mole’s Burrow

You will need to cross the bridge at your left. Make sure to click on the lever to deactivate the automatic sensor. Next, click on the magic eye to put the bridge in the proper position.


Learning objective: Number order.

Connect the numbers by putting them in descending order (from the largest to the smallest). Once the bridge is down, walk towards the left and you will find Mr. Mole. Click on him to play the next activity and win the magic lever.


Learning objective: Geometry: shapes, solids, symmetry, angles.

To open the locks on the trunk that holds the magic lever, correctly identify the geometric shape described in the notebook.
Once you have completed the activity, return to the ramp at the entrance and click on it to climb out. Be careful, Romaine is there and will not let Mia by! Mia will have to go back to Mr. Mole and ask him for help. He will show you a secret passage.

On your way back, carefully look for a miner's helmet. You will need it later! The creature behind the tin door near the bridge has it and if you click on him at least twice, he will drop it down to Mia. Click on it to pick it up then go find Mr. Mole and his secret tunnel.