Learning objective: Spatial orientation, divisors, factors.

Move the mouse to see the different tunnels you can choose. Select the one that corresponds to Mr. Mole’s directions.

Scene 4 - Professor Simon’s Clocks

Continue towards the right and you will find Professor Simon by clicking on the cardboard box hiding his workshop. Follow his instructions and you will obtain the clock Mia needs for the time machine.


Learning objective: Time: days, hours, minutes.

Set the clock on the right to the day and time that corresponds to Professor Simon’s indications. Then, click on the green button to see if you are right. If you cannot remember what he said, refer to the indications above the clock.
The clock on the left will maintain the original settings to help you. Once you have earned the clock, make sure you have not overlooked any Sparklies and proceed to the right. You will see stairs made out of hockey pucks. Click on them to go outside.