Scene 5 - Near the Tree Stump

Find the hidden Sparkly and click on the knot in the log to find a secret passage.


Learning objective: Playing with numbers.

Click on the numbers that correspond to the instructions you hear. This will give you access to the inventor’s workshop.

Scene 6 - Inside the Tree Stump

It will be very dark inside, you will need to go to the extreme left in order to find the light switch. Many interesting inventions are stored here. Click on the right lever and you will see them in action! Walk to the right and click on the drawing on the wall (above the X on the ground). It will reveal the secret machine. Play the activity.

To leave the inventor’s cave, you will need to pick up the drill bit that falls from the shelf, then insert it into the jack hammer in order to drill a passage through the ground. Mia will climb through and find herself near the patio in the yard.