Disk Two:

Scene 8 - The Yard (in the past)

Once you have landed, explore to the left of the screen and you will find a Sparkly! Then, come back and take a good look at the balcony’s trellis. There is a hole Mia could slip through! Click on the weeds to climb up.

Scene 9 - Under the Porch

Under the balcony, try to tickle the cute little worms that appear sporadically. Cross the bridge, but beware of the tumbleweeds. If you go too far, they may take you with them or give you a scare. Don’t forget to retrieve the Sparkly to your right.

Scene 10 - The Fortune Teller

Click on the stairs that lead to the fortune teller’s caravan and Mia will lead you in. There is a world of magical things to discover inside. Take the time to explore. Oh no! What is wrong with the fortune teller? Maybe you can help her. Click on her and see. Can she show us the future?


Learning objective: Math logic: number sequencing, ascending and descending order.

Decipher the pattern in the series of numbers, then click and drag the missing figures into the appropriate spot. The fortune teller will then reveal the future (well, actually the past).
Continue on your way by clicking on the door handle to the right. Make sure to be on the lookout for all of the items you will need for your trap. If you forget, take a peek in Mia’s notebook!