The Story

Mia is a mouse — just the kind of mouse you'd like to have living in your house. She is thoughtful, responsible, helpful, friendly, cheerful and resourceful. Mia has the run of a big, two-story house with an attic and basement and has many friends and relatives in and around the house.

In this episode in the life of Mia we meet her wearing, without permission, her mother’s gorgeous new hat and playing in the eaves trough. Without warning a sudden torrential downpour washes her down the drain pipe. Mia barely manages to avoid going down the sewer, but her hat is swept away. Down the sewer it goes, where it is commandeered by the evil rat, Romaine and his wretched cousins.

So begins Mia's adventure. She needs to get back home — no easy feat: she has to get out of the gutter, onto the sidewalk, find the way to her house, get back inside and, oh yes! as soon as she realizes that her hat is gone, she has to figure out how to replace it. That means finding or earning Sparklies — the currency in Mia land — so that she can buy a new hat or, as it turns out, redeem the lost hat from Romaine.