A very condensed guide to Mia's Adventure

Disk 1

The Curb

At the beginning of our adventure, Mia manages to climb out ot the drain and finds herself lost near the street curb. She needs to get up to the sidewalk but is much too small. Mia can crawl through a hole in the cement — if only she could reach it. To do so, she will need to build a little staircase using the bottle cap and the cork. Click on them and Mia will try to kick them into place. Once they are in place, click to go up to the sidewalk.
(Extra Fun: Click on the lid of the garbage can to ruin someone's dinner and walk Mia close to the drain to see the spying rats.)

The Sidewalk

Once up on the sidewalk you can go left or right. Let’s go right to the lamppost. Click on the flashing light to open the door and then click to go inside.

The Lamppost

At first, things will be very dark, except for Mia’s bright eyes. You got it! You need to find the light switch. Go towards your right. Turn on the lights, turn them off again if you wish but you will never find your way around in the dark! The machine in the middle of the place is an activity. Click on it to play. After playing the activity, leave through the door and go back out to the sidewalk. Walk (or skateboard) all the way to the other end of the sidewalk and click on the light coming from the bush.

The Hedge

Once inside the hedge go all the way to your right. Click on the machine to meet Professor Simon and to play his game. Once you have played his game go back out to the sidewalk through the same place you entered.
(Extra fun: Click on the big leaf in the foreground to meet a bug. Click on the yellow funnel to watch someone take a bath.)

The Sidewalk

Now that you are back on the sidewalk, go back towards the lamppost.
Walk don’t skateboard or you will miss something.
(Extra fun: Click on the fuzzy parts of the plants that grow along the sidewalk. Can you find the bee?)

The Yard

After completing the first two activities, the ants reveal the passage to the yard. Once in the yard, go to your right and cross over the little bridge and go find out why Freddy is so sad. Look under the hood of the jeep and you will know how to fix the problem. Go back across the bridge and get the copper wire.
(Extra fun: This time click on the water instead of the bridge to cross.)

Click again to look under the jeep hood, and follow the diagram to wire the jeep. Once done Freddy will jump into the jeep and you can click on the green button to take Freddy back to his pond.
(Extra fun: Click on Freddy while he is waiting for you to fix the jeep. Click on the red button instead of the green button.)

The Pond

Once at the pond, lead Mia as far as you can to your right, then click on Freddy’s sundial. Freddy will ask you if you want to play. Of course you do, so click again to win a Sparkly.
(Extra fun: Try and catch the worm when he pops out. Click on the water to see Freddy’s new speedboat. Click a few more times to get him to crash. There are flies with allergies near some of the yellow flowers.)

Mr. Mole

Mr. Mole is quite an accomplished poet.
Play his game to open the gate and get to the basement window.

Basement Window

Mia needs to get up to the basement window, but she is too small! Try and find a way. You will need to find a stick. Can you see where Scary is hiding? Once you have a stick, click on the rock that is holding down the string. Now Mia can climb the ruler up to the window sill and go inside.
(Extra fun: Go to the mushrooms to see the ants working.)

Time to change the CD.