Disk 2

Inside the Basement Window
Click on the pipe to lead Mia across to the shelf.
Once on the shelf you will see Marty. Wondering what he is up to?
Click on him to find out.
Go to your right to find clues. You will have to push the tambourine off the shelf in order to have something to break Mia’s fall.
Click on the stick that is sticking out from the shelf.

On the Workbench
Once Mia has landed, go to the left and surprise Romaine.
He runs away, follow him, then click to get Mia to jump up on the sink.
Go to your right. What is Pompon doing there?
Click on the black handle of the washing machine.
Go back to the left.
Click on the workbench to get Mia to jump down.
Continue to the left and click on Marty to see what he has to say.
Click on the red and white ball.
(Extra fun: Did you see something in the mirror when you were on the sink?
Click on the mirror.)

Under the Workbench
Help Mia get up, by clicking on her. Then lead her to the left
and click on the book. Help Scary with his project.
Go back to where you see a magnet, there is a switch on the battery it is attached to. Click on it. Click on the open drain.

In the Drain
Click on the chain to open the door. Lead Mia through the doorway.
Boy it is dark in there! Keep going right until you exit another door.
Click on the floating cork and then on the floating pencil to cross the water.
Click on Romaine. Don‘t accept his excuses. Click on him again.
A villain with musical talent! Click on Romaine to play cards with him.
After playing the activity if you see a red handle (it is not always there) beside the dominoes at the right end of Romaine’s warehouse, pick it up.
Go back to the left and click on the pencil then the cork in order to cross the water.
Go back through the door into the dark. Once out the other side click to go up the ladder.
(Extra fun: Click on the rubber duck. Click on the alarm clock.)

Back under the Workbench
Click on the red and white floater to go back up to the workbench.
Oops! Marty is asleep. We will have to find another way.
There is a helium bottle which is missing either a handle, (which was in Romaine’s warehouse) or a balloon (there is a bag of balloons on the floor to your right) and sometimes both.
Place these articles in their proper places and Mia will have a way out to the garden.

Near the Base to the Tree
Once outside go to your right. If the talented opera singer bothers you, tickle him.
Click on the door to the chipmunk’s house. After reading the note, click to go in.

The Chipmunk's House
Once inside go to your left and click on the machine. Play Mr. Icon’s game.
Afterward you will need to find and put in place the ladder’s missing rung.
Hint: Look near the piano. Once in place click on the ladder to go up to Sam’s.
(Extra fun: Click on the funnel, the piano and the drawer.)

Sam's Place
Click on Sam to play his game. After completing the activity you must go back downstairs to the Chipmunk’s house to find where he misplaced the Sparkly.
Hint: Look under the pillow.
Click to go back up to Sam’s. If you are missing a Sparkly, you will need to go outside to find it.
Go quickly back to Sam’s so that you meet up with Romaine before the sun sets.
Romaine is surprised you made it. But he sure loves Sparklies!