Disk 1 Activities Activity One: Inside the Lamppost

Simon's Arcade: Series of pictures that switch places. The object of the game is to grab the object designated by a verbal description — its name, its classification, what it is made of, what it does, etc. Players have to listen carefully, scan the array quickly, and make fast responses. As the levels increase, the task requires more scientific knowledge, and faster responses. At the third and fourth level the difficulty is increased because players lose points for incorrect responses.

Activity Two: Simon the Scientist

Players are asked to identify parts of plants, and demonstrate their knowledge by selecting the plant with the edible flower (e.g. broccoli), or fruit (e.g. green pepper), or stem (e.g. rhubarb), or root (e.g. radish) or leaf (e.g. spinach). As the levels increase greater speed is demanded for success.

Activity Three: Freddy’s Sundial

Participants can play by setting a clock to see how this changes the shadow on the sundial, and how the shadow can tell the time. Notice where the shadow is pointing when you change the time on the clock. Select the missing number by clicking on the arrow buttons.

The Sun: Here you will be tested on your knowledge of the sun. You just have to click on the correct answer.

The Water Cycle: Place the images in the correct order starting with evaporation.

The Weather: What determines the weather (air, water and heat) and what instruments do we use to measure air pressure, moisture and temperature.

The Sun, the Moon and the Earth: Learn about the relative positions of the Sun, the Earth, the Moon and how this determines how we see the Moon on Earth.

The Moon Cycle: Place the Moon in the position requested using the arrow buttons. Click on the flashing button when you think you have positioned the Moon correctly.

The Planets: Identify the planets in our solar system. In the lower levels, listen to the descriptions to help you name them correctly.

The Clouds: Do you know that clouds have names? Listen carefully to the description given to a cloud and find the correct picture. When the four pictures are correct the game will move on.

Activity Four: Mr. Mole

Players must listen carefully to the mole’s poems about scientific subjects and indicate whether the information conveyed in the poem is true or false. (Click on one of three little moles — one who nods, one who shakes his head, and one who shrugs his shoulders — “I don't know”). If a player clicks on “I don’t know”, a new question is provided.