Getting Started

Before Beginning the Game
Before beginning play there are some options. Players can choose the level of difficulty of the activities — the hidden challenges — they want to tackle. There are four levels of difficulty and plenty of variety so that replays are invariably different. Most players will want to try all of the levels.

Guiding Mia
Guiding Mia requires a little practice. You must guide Mia using your cursor (the mouse follows the mouse!). To pick up an object, to enter a hole or to climb up or down, you just have to click on the object or the direction desired. Mia acknowledges a directive, with “okay”, indicating that it is something she can do. But every once in a while she balks and indicates her independence. Sometimes it is because she knows something the player doesn't.

Help from Mia
You can get Mia to talk anytime by clicking on her head. If what she says is not a precise enough clue for you, click again. If a clue is not offered then maybe there is nothing left to do where you are and you should keep exploring.

Accessing the Activities Directly
If you would like to play just the activities or you want to replay an activity you just played (you should save your game first) go to the Options Screen by pressing the F2 key or during the introduction, wait until the “Options” button appears and then click on it. At the Options Screen click on the “Activities” button. Choose the difficulty level and then the activity you would like to play. After completing an activity you will automatically be returned to the Activities Screen.