Special Keyboard Commands and Options Menu

The Arrow Keys - Mia's Skateboard

Mia is a great skateboarder and can use her skateboard in many places to move more quickly. Press and hold the left or right arrow key to indicate the direction. If you hold down the CTRL key while pressing the arrow keys, Mia will get up on her skateboard and glide. If the SHIFT and CTRL keys are held down while the arrow keys are used, then Mia will flip her skateboard. There are places where there is not enough room to use the skateboard — but Mia will let you know. Be careful, when skateboarding, not to zoom past Sparklies and other things Mia might want to pick up.

Picking up Sparklies

Sparklies are the diamond-like stones that are used as currency in Mia land. If a hidden Sparkly is spotted, the player has to click on it and drag it over to Mia. Then she will grab it and put it away in her backpack.

F1 Key: Mia's Backpack

Whenever Mia picks something up, she stows it in her backpack. Pressing the F1 key will provide an inventory of the backpack content as well as the Sparkly count. You will also find Mia’s notebook with the images of the objects you must look for and those already found.

F2 Key: Options Menu

When you start a new game, you can get to the Options Menu in the last screen by clicking on the Options button. In the middle of a game, you can press the F2 key to bring up the same Options Menu.

To restart a game from the beginning, click on the new game icon.

Click on this icon when you want to save your game.

To view the instructions movie, click on the question mark icon.
By clicking on the family photo icon, you can see the credits for the game.
To go directly to the Activities Menu, click on the light bulb icon.

Click on the glasses icon to access the games you have already saved.

You can change the difficulty level of the activities with these buttons.
Adjust the overall volume of the game.
Turn off and on the background music with this button. (You will still hear all the voices).

F3 Key: Saving a Game

To save a game, press the F3 key on your keyboard. Then, click on one of the empty circles on the screen. Your game is automatically saved. You can save up to 12 different games. That way you can continue a game just where you left it. To replace a saved game with another one, you can click on an already used circle: the old game will automatically be replaced by the new one. To help you organize your saved games, you can write something beneath the circles to remember where you were.

F4 Key: Turning on/off the Background Music

To turn off the background music, press the F4 key on your keyboard. To turn it on again, press once more.

F5 Key: Activities Menu

If you are in the middle of a game and you wish to redo an activity or try another one right away, you can press the F5 key. This will bring you directly to the Activities Menu. From this menu, you can play any activity without having to play the adventure. To go back to your game, click on the Return icon.

Loading a Saved Game

In the game's introduction, you have the possibility to see the list of your saved games by clicking on the Saved Games button. In the game, you can do it by pressing the F2 key. Then click on the Saved Games icon. Choose one of the circles to load a game you have previously saved.

The Space Bar and F12 Key: Skipping parts of the game

Use the Space Bar to skip the introductory movie and most movie sequences. The F12 key can be used to skip and automatically win an activity. (This option is available so that younger children can still enjoy the game without any assistance. If older players use it, they are cheating!)
OSX TIGER USERS : Tiger's new "Dashboard" feature uses F12 but you can use the "K" Key to automatically win an activity. But it still is a cheat!

Quit the Game

To exit the game, press the "ESC" or "Escape" key on your keyboard. You will then be given the chance to save your game just before you quit or return to the game.