Creatures : Village

Box Village

19.99 $ USD

You are invited to a very special world inhabited by little, amazing creatures called Norns. Male or female, each is unique and has its own individual personality because Creatures Village models real biological systems inside your computer. The Norns come with their own biochemistry, brains, DNA, personality and a rich
environment in which to live.

None of the Norns behaviors have been specifically programmed. They make their own choices and learn from their mistakes. You guide them around their world and experience it with them, helping them to play, eat and learn.

Just like pets, they are there to amuse you and be cared for. Just like in real life, Norns will eventually find a mate and produce offspring that carry the same traits as their parents, but with their own personalities.

Hatch your first baby Norn in the Nestery
Feed and care for your Creatures
Watch them grow, fall in love and have babies
Begin to explore the giant and colorful Village world with them
Norns live on your computer they need to sleep, play and eat
Environments feature changing seasons and weather
Introduces notions of genetics, biology and ecosystem
Combines Creatures Playground and Creatures Adventures

Mac OS X 10.2 to 10.6 & Win. 98, 2000, ME, XP, Vista, 7