Mia's Language Adventure (DVD-ROM)

The Kidnap Caper
Mia Language DVD

6 10 ans
29.99 $ USD

The Story

Just when Mias grandmother, Mimi, is about to win this years art competition, the lights go out. When they finally come back on, Mimi is gone, and so are the Sparklies that were to be the prize. Romaine however is still around So who could have done something this evil and why? And who is that gorgeous female rat, Mataharat, that Romaine seems so infatuated with?

Topics covered - Learn hundreds of vocabulary words from your everyday life including alphabet, numbers, colors, animals, fruit, vegetable, job names, places (school, hospital), adjectives, verbs and much much more!
- You will be able to understand dialogues, simple rules, and how to build a correct sentence.
- Have fun while practicing a second language!

Minimum System Requirements:

Windows 2000 (sp4), XP (sp2), Vista and 7; Pentium III @ 900 MHz; 256 MB RAM (Vista: 512 MB); DirectX 9; 4x DVD drive; 1.2 GB of disk space available

Mac OS X 10.4 to 10.6; G4 @ 900 MHz; 256 MB RAM (10.5: 512 MB), Standard Mac video & sound; 4x DVD drive; 1.2 GB of disk space available