Mia's Reading Adventure (DVD-ROM)

The Bugaboo Bugs
Mia Reading DVD

5 9 ans
29.99 $ USD

Mia is back in a fabulous new adventure!

Mia Mouse lives in a charming Victorian house. The house has recently been invaded by pests. Stinking, noisy, uncivilized, they are sure to be noticed! If this happens, the exterminators will be called for sure! And then, Mia, her friends and family would be out on the street! No way! The Bugaboos must go! And Mia needs your help.

- 12 activities that follow the educational curriculum
- Four difficulty levels (from kindergarten to 3rd grade)
- Easy to consult evaluation report to follow the childs progress
- Surprise animations and many new characters to discover!
- Topics covered: Associating images to words, vocabulary, spelling, sentence structure, vocabulary, phonics, word recognition, rhymes, reading comprehension, and much more!

Minimum System Requirements:

Windows 2000 (sp4), XP (sp2), Vista, 7 and 8; Pentium III @ 1 GHz; 512 MB RAM; DirectX 9; 4x DVD drive; 1.2 GB of disk space available

Mac OS X 10.4 to 10.8; G4 @ 1 GHz; 512 MB RAM, Standard Mac video & sound; 4x DVD drive; 1.6 GB of disk space available