Freddy’s Old Camera
Alphabet and spelling

Learning objective: To distinguish the letters of the alphabet in the second language and to spell words.

Mia asks Freddy the frog, the evening’s official photographer, to help her decipher the message that Dingbat has given her. Luckily, Freddy’s uncommon camera has a device that decodes foreign languages. However, to activate the decoder, the player must closely listen to all the instructions formulated by the device and carry out a certain number of tasks.

First, the player must grab each letter requested by the device, one at a time, and drag them into the small slots at the bottom of the screen. Once the word has been completed, an image of the word formed by the letters grasped briefly appears in the camera viewer. Second, the player must identify the word that corresponds to the image displayed in the device viewer among several words floating across the screen. To translate Dingbat’s message, the player must successfully answer three series of questions.

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