Instructions Guide

Before you begin...

Before you begin the adventure, many options are presented to you in the introduction. You must first choose an icon to identify your saved games. Write your name under the icon if you wish. (Four different players can each save up to 12 games.) Then, you must choose the difficulty level for the activities. Choose between Beginner, Intermediate or Advanced. From one game to the other, the questions in the activities may differ. This is normal. We suggest that you start with the beginner's level.

Guiding Mia

Learning to move Mia around will take you a little bit of practice. You must guide her with the mouse's pointer. In other words, the mouse follows the mouse! Place the pointer before her nose and slowly move it away from her in the direction you want to go. In certain places, Mia must climb, go down or enter somewhere. You just have to click on the object, the door or the room for Mia to take that direction. There are also objects to pick up. When you think you have found one, click on it. Mia will answer “OK” to tell you that she has received your command. If you try to pick up an object that is not useful for the adventure, Mia will simply ignore it.

Exploring Mia's World
If it is your first time playing Mia, explore her world by moving the mouse's pointer here and there. You will notice that the pointer changes when it passes over certain areas. Here is the meaning of the different cursors:

In the World
By default, the pointer is an arrow.

When the pointer changes to a pointing finger, it can mean two things. First case: it means that Mia can take the direction you are pointing to. For example, to go from one room to another. Second case: the pointer rolls-over a character Mia can interact with.

When the pointer takes the shape of an “opened” hand, it means that it is above an object that can be picked up. For example, a sparkly, a piece of paper or any other object that can be useful for the adventure. The same goes for objects that can be grabbed onto like a rope, a level or a door knob.

If the pointer changes to a magnifying glass, click to discover what is hiding behind it.

In the activities
By default, the pointer is an arrow.

The cursor will sometime change into a pointing finger when it rolls over something you can press on, like a button. Otherwise, the icon of the pointing finger indicates that you can select an object, for example to select the right answer to the question.

The pointer turns into a closed hand to indicate that you have grabbed the object you clicked on.

When the pointer is changed into a speaker, it means you are above a word or an object that produces sound. Listen carefully!

Picking up Sparklies

There are sparklies scattered all over Mia's world. To pick up a sparkly, you must click on it and drag it over Mia. She will grab it with her hands and put it in her backpack. Try this: drag a sparkly just above Mia's head and you'll see her jump up in the air to grab it!

Help from Mia

To know where to go next or just to be reminded what to do, click on Mia's head. She will give you important hints and clues. If she says nothing useful, keep exploring. Maybe you need to go a little further; maybe you are not in the right place?