Roboto’s Vacuum Transporter

Learning objective: To be able to recognize and name objects of everyday life in the second language.

How awful! The start-up of Roboto’s invention has created violent vibrations that caused the collapse of the little bridge that led to it. Mia can’t reach the invention! Luckily, she manages to catapult herself across the trench using a powerful spring. Donning a safety helmet, Mia settles aboard the small capsule made by Roboto, and prepares to set off on a perilous journey that will lead her all the way to the basement of the house. The capsule travels at incredible speed inside the tubes of the central vacuum system that criss-cross the house.

The player drives the capsule. But there’s a snag! The capsule will stop at various intersections. To discover which tube to take, the player must choose among the three images that appear on the dashboard, the one that represents the word written in the window. To hear the word again, the player simply brings the mouse pointer over it. To select an image, the player clicks on the arrow pointing to it. After three wrong answers, the capsule turns around and goes back to its starting point. Concentration is crucial if we don’t want the journey to be too long.

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