Salvador’s Color Wheel
Adjectives and opposites

Learning objective: To be able to describe a person or an object using adjectives.

At the end of her journey, Mia lands in a basket filled with skeins of wool in the basement of the house. She is welcomed by a very excited Salvador. A tragedy has just occurred! Just like a vacuum cleaner, Roboto’s invention has swallowed all the colors in the workshop. The décor, the objects and even Salvador are now black and white. The only way of bringing the colors back is by turning a chromatic wheel found on the workbench.

However, to activate the color wheel, the player must learn a few adjectives in the second language. He must choose between two watercolor images, the one that best illustrates the adjective that he will hear and that is written on the sheet. An image is selected with the click of the mouse. To hear the adjective again, the player simply brings the mouse pointer over the word. Each correct answer brings back one of the watercolor paint pads. What will happen when the eight pads return to their original color?

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