The Stamp Collection
Body parts, clothing, objects at school, objects at home, family members, occupations.

Learning objective: To be able to recognize and name objects of everyday life in the second language.

Mia absolutely wants to find Romaine. She has just discovered that he had something to do with her grandmother’s disappearance. When she meets the cousins Pompon and Nopompon in the garden, she wants them to tell her the location of Romaine’s hiding place. Romaine made the two partners trade a precious stamp collection for a few sparklies. They offer Mia a deal: if she accepts to help them sort a few stamps and then accompany them to the collector’s shop, they promise to lead her to Romaine.

The first task involves putting stamps into envelopes. This may seem easy but how do we know which envelope they go into? They must be sorted by category. The categories are written on each of the two envelopes lying on the ground. The player must determine which group each stamp belongs to according to what is written and represented on the stamp. The player hears the word when he brings the mouse pointer over a stamp. The player simply clicks on a stamp and slides it into an envelope. There are three series of six stamps to sort.

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