The Collector

Learning objective: To be able to distinguish many prepositions in the second language.

Mia keeps her promise and accompanies the cousins to the collector’s shop. She is even entrusted with exchanging Romaine’s stamp collection for sparklies. Mia enters the collector’s dark shop. To choose the stamps he prefers, the collector asks Mia to show them to him three at a time.

Unfortunately, the collector does not speak English very well. He describes what he sees on the stamps in the second language. Once he has told Mia which he has chosen, the player must confirm his selection by clicking on that stamp. If it is the correct stamp, Mia receives a sparkly. If it is not the correct stamp, the collector once again describes the stamp he wants to acquire. The player must try something else. Clues are obtained by bringing the mouse pointer over the stamps. To please Romaine, Mia must win ten sparklies.

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