Spike’s Lullaby
Auditory Comprehension

Learning objective: To be able to identify several words in a song.

Mia is persuaded that Romaine is hiding in the neighbor’s shed. On her way there, she comes across an army of ants blocking the way to the shed. Romaine surely has something to do with this! Mia goes to Spike the spider for help. He tells Mia that the ants love having lullabies sung to them in French or Spanish. Curiously, it always puts them to sleep. Spike offers to teach Mia a lullaby. She has nothing to lose by trying!

The lyrics of the lullaby are written on a leaf that Spike has placed in his web. The spider slowly sings the lullaby. When it is Mia’s turn, certain words of the song have disappeared. She tries to sing by following the text, but when she encounters holes, she hesitates over certain words. Three drops of dew on Spike’s web allow images and words to appear. The player must choose among the three words written under the drops which word Mia must sing. To select a word, click on the drop. If the answer is correct, the word fills a hole in the lyrics. To hear the word again, the player brings the mouse pointer over the word written under the drop.

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