The Old Radio
To have and to be

Learning objective: To be able to conjugate the verbs “to have” and “to be”.

Mia was right, Romaine is hidden somewhere in the neighbor’s shed. In fact, he has set up his headquarters inside an old lamp radio at the back of the shed. We can see that there is a door on the side of the radio. But how can we open it? Perhaps by turning the tuner knob to a precise frequency?

Coming closer, Mia can hear a message emitted by the radio. It seems to be formulating instructions. The instructions are simple: using the radio tuner, we must translate the sentence displayed in the window into the second language. Since the sentence is divided into three parts, the player must translate each one. Turning the tuner button allows us to hear various utterances. Simultaneously, one of the three knobs on the radio displays images that are related to these utterances. When the player thinks he has found the correct translation, he presses on the little yellow button above the sentence. After the three parts of the sentence have been translated, Mia tells the player if there are any errors. Six sentences have to be translated before the secret door of the radio opens.

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