The Hidden Word
Revision of vocabulary words

Learning objective: To be able to identify the words learned in the previous activities.

Before taking the shortcut that leads to the garden, Mia must operate a strange grid found in Romaine’s lair. In fact, she must find in this grid each of the words on the list that appears in one of the radio lamps.

In other words, the player must examine the words in the list and find where each one is hidden in the grid. First, the player must click on each of the letters that form a word then check his selection by pressing on the green button. But watch out, the letters of a word must line up. Second, the list in the lamp is momentarily replaced by images. The player must choose among three images the one that illustrates the word he has just found. To do so, he must once again click on the green button. Once the list is completed, a few letters remain in the grid. They are the letters of the hidden word! The player has to determine to which image they relate.

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