Mr. Mole’s Mail Sorter
Construction of sentences

Learning objective: To be able to construct simple sentences from provided elements.

Since Grandma Mimi’s disappearance, Mr. Mole has been receiving so much mail that he just can’t keep up. What’s more, he needs help to decipher what is written on the labels on many parcels. Mia decides to help him in return for a favor.

Mr. Mole explains that the strange parcels are accompanied by instructions and drawings. The instructions say: “Parcels must be sent two by two. Please assemble the pairs correctly.” To select which two parcels go together, the player must refer to the image displayed on the watch screen. The parcels look like small capsules and they travel in the mail sorter. To select one, the player must press on the blue button located on the watch. The sorting plate can be guided to turn in the opposite direction by using the arrow buttons. The player can also stop the plate from turning by clicking on the red button, in order to better read what is written on the label. This is important because the two parcels must be assembled in the correct order. If not, the parcels are ejected from the sorter and the player must try something else.

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