Freddy’s Love Letter
Action verbs

Learning objective: To be able to identify several action verbs in the second language.

After a long journey in the garden and at the edge of the pond, Mia sees her friend Freddy sitting on the wharf. He looks distraught. In fact, Freddy has had a falling out with his sweetheart. He has decided to write her a love letter. The only problem is that his beloved tree toad doesn’t understand English very well, so he tries writing the letter in her language. He asks Mia to have a look at it.

The letter is almost done. Freddy has taken the trouble to underline the words he doesn’t know in the second language. He has also scribbled a few suggestions on the leaves of a nearby water lily. Among the four petals, the player must choose the one that displays the equivalent French or Spanish word to the word underlined in Freddy’s letter. The player obtains a clue by bringing the mouse pointer over each petal. To select a petal, click on it and drag it over the underlined word. To confirm whether this word is correct, Freddy reads the sentence out loud in the second language. Luckily, his poem isn’t too long.

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