The Visio2000
To reconstruct a story

Learning objective: To put back in chronological order the images of a short story.

To find Grandma Mimi, Mia must absolutely reach her friend Betty who is at the drinking fountain. Happily, Mia knows how she can get all the way up there. She must take the elevator that is located inside the fountain! Inside, Mia meets Jet Turtle. This funny character is busy at a very strange device called Visio2000. Jet Turtle is puzzled because he has put the device out of order. He offers to help Mia reach the top of the fountain if she first accepts to help him out with his device.

The Visio2000 contains the images of a story. The problem is that the images are not in order. The player must place the images of the tale in chronological order. The images can be examined one by one by clicking on the white arrows. When the player thinks he has found the first image of the story, he simply clicks in the centre of the image and drags it into slot number 1. Similarly, each image has to be inserted into the right slot. Finally, to check whether the images are in the correct order, the player clicks on the check icon. If they are, the animation of the reconstituted story gets under way.

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