The software covers the following essential knowledge:

Learning Objectives:

This introduction to French or Spanish covers the following essential knowledge:

Knowledge related to vocabulary:

• Alphabet including introduction to letter sounds;
• Basic vocabulary words related to the immediate environment (e.g. objects of the everyday life,
_animals, fruit and vegetables, occupations, family members and much more;)
• Adjectives and verbs;
• Numbers;
• Prepositions.

Knowledge related to sentence and grammar

• Sentence structure;
• Spelling);
• Verb tense (e.g. present, past, future).

In addition, the software contributes to the development of the following:

• Decoding the meaning of words in the second language using context, visual clues
_and sounds;
• Use of prior knowledge in mother tongue as a source of information to understand the
_second language;

• Concentrating and following instructions;
• Planning how to do the activities;
• Practicing, repeating and integrating the vocabulary of the second language;
• Self-evaluation ( e.g. reflection on what has been learned as a student or as a player.)
• Accepting not understanding everything that is said or read in an activity.

At the elementary level, second language programs suggest that the use of interactive
DVD-ROMs in learning a second language helps students develop a broad range
of transversal competencies.