Learn at home or at school!

Mia - Introduction to French or Spanish as a second language is an interactive teachware intended for children from six to ten years old. The software has three levels of difficulty: beginner, intermediate and advanced. Consequently, it can be used by children that are exposed to French or Spanish for the first time or by students that wish to revise their basic knowledge.

On one hand, the two disks can be used at home as a “teach yourself” software. It familiarizes children with French or Spanish and they can learn at their own pace. In addition, this software can also be used in class as a teaching-learning-accompaniment tool to learning French or Spanish as a second language.

An innovative approach

Mia - Introduction to French or Spanish as a second language is a “three-step method” that emphasizes on progressive learning. Initially, the player needs to learn and apply effective listening strategies in order to understand the instructions of an activity. Those instructions are given by Mia or another character at the beginning of every activity.

Second, the player uses the appropriate strategies for effective understanding, such as decoding the meaning of words in the second language using context, visual clues, sounds; or his prior knowledge.

Third, the player must apply strategies to carry out specific tasks in order to complete the activity. Mia and the other characters of the game encourage the player. They repeat certain instructions and give additional clues when needed. As the adventure unveils, the player gradually familiarizes himself with the second language. Some of the characters of the game speak in the second language, while others are bilingual. The player will even meet characters that are learning French or Spanish just like him.