A tool like no other!

Interactivity and quality content

The creators of Mia are convinced that integrating educational content in an original and entertaining story has multiple advantages. In this perspective, a great effort is put into elaborating endearing characters, well-designed activities and beautiful graphics.

Mia’s popularity has confirmed the added value of quality interactivity and great story lines. Throughout the adventure, the player has to guide Mia using the mouse. There are clues to find, useful items to pick up and decisions to make. The game play and the interactivity have been designed to encourage the player to come up with his own ideas.

A graphically stunning software

As the game progresses, numerous 3D animated sequences unveil the plot. Just like in the previous Mia games, the movies in this new adventure are of exceptional quality. Mia’s world is full of rich and colorful textures, stunning lighting and amazing graphic details. The music and the sound effects add to the atmosphere. The formula remains the same as for the other Mia games: a compelling adventure, stunning graphics and wonderful animated scenes.