The Lesson on Tape

Learning objective: To identify and name animals in the second language.

Still in search of her grandmother, Mia ventures into the teenager’s room located behind the secret door. She again meets up with Dingbat who is having other problems. This time, the cape of the aspiring superhero is caught in the cassette recorder. Mia suggests playing the tape to the end to eject it and thereby freeing the little mouse. What Mia doesn’t know, however, is that the tape doesn’t contain music but a language lesson!

On the tape, a professor’s voice gives instructions. To successfully complete the lesson, the player must choose among five different images of animals, the one that corresponds to the word he hears and that appears in the cassette recorder window. The professor will correct the player when he clicks on the wrong image. To hear a word again, the player simply presses on the green button. After eight correct answers, the cassette is ejected from the player and Dingbat regains his freedom!

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