The 3D Glasses
Fruits and vegetables

Learning objective: To distinguish and name fruits and vegetables in the second language.

While she is exploring the teenager’s room, Mia comes upon her friend Scary who is in a pitiful state. Something awful happened to the spider while he was playing with his 3D glasses: all of a sudden, everything became two-dimensional, including poor Scary! To get him back to normal, Mia must successfully finish the game in progress in the glasses lying on the floor.

Scary explains to the player that he must choose the word that corresponds to the image that appears in the lens, among the words that are coming toward him. All the images represent either fruits or vegetables. By bringing the mouse pointer over a word, the player can hear its pronunciation. The player clicks on a word to select it. The lens lights up when the answer is correct. Completing this game requires perseverance. There are ten fruits and vegetables to identify.

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