La méthode EazySpeak
The quick and easy way to a new language

EazySpeak's unique approach to learning takes you to Doki City where you interact in your new language with the humorous Doki characters in scenarios that you would encounter when traveling, such as making introductions, dining in a restaurant, going to the supermarket and checking into a hotel. With no grammar or rules to learn, users decide on their own path to follow through the software, making learning more enjoyable. The Doki characters familiarize the user with a new language and provide them with the basics for everyday conversations.

A serious game

Designed like a game, EazySpeak titles are entertaining and compelling. The longer you stay and play, the more you learn. What most of us want when we approach a foreign language is quick results without having to work too hard. These products take the sweat out of learning by increasing both the fun and the intuitive factors. After playing EazySpeak, the basics of communication will be instilled and the learner will have noticed that – even as an adult – language learning can come easily.


• Great for the Home or the Classroom
• Two levels included in one product (beginner + intermediate)
• Quickly extends conversational skills
• No lengthy explanations and exercises
• Teaches over 800 words of vocabulary
• Game-like learning system
• Portrayed in a comic cartoon style
• Modern, immersive, interactive and full of humor
• For ages 12 and up

Four Versions Available

EazySpeak French
(English to French)
EazySpeak Spanish
(English to Spanish)
EazySpeak Espagnol
(French to Spanish)
EazySpeak Anglais
(French to English)

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