Didi & Ditto Preschool
"Didi & Ditto Preschool provides a rich learning adventure
for you to explore with your child."
"There is a special sweetness about the characters kids
encounter along the way in this game..."
"Kids will actually enjoy counting, categorizing and
identifying numbers, letters, shapes and sounds."
- The Ledger
"This is a beautifully built animated game."
- The Washington Times
Didi & Ditto Preschool is a fun-filled, colorful,
educational adventure that will literally captivate
your 2 to 4 year olds. It is an ideal way to
introduce children to the wonderful world of
computers! Children love being able to play as
either the girl (Didi) or the boy character (Ditto),
while exploring a rich and colorful world!
For Windows & Mac OS X
• Gold Award - Summit Creative Awards
• Editor's Choice - Children’s Software Review
• Mom's Choice Award
• Seal of Approval - The National Parenting Center
• 6/6 - Quebec’s Consumer Protection Bureau
• Silver Award - Parents' Choice
• Bessie Award - Early Learning
...More Accolades
The game supports, as well as develops, children’s
essential skills while offering them a super time
playing. As children explore the colorful world of
Didi & Ditto, they will discover the hidden activities
that help them acquire age-appropriate knowledge
such as recognizing letters and numbers, counting,
classifying, identifying shapes, recognizing sounds,
while developing observation skills, understanding
oral instructions, etc. Three levels of difficulty
are available.
Children will practice:
Pre-math: recognize numbers, count, identify
shapes, use spatial sense
Pre-reading: recognize letters, learn the alphabet
Science: recognize animals, learn about the
environment, learn about healthy eating
Art/Music: know colors, recognize sounds, sing
Thinking skills: use observation skills, sort
by attributes, understand oral instructions
The story begins when the animals receive a
message from Mother Nature announcing her
official visit to Smart Valley. They decide to
prepare a celebration party for this big event
and hold an election to choose a mayor that will
be responsible to plan the activities. Zolt the Wolf
loses the election. Furious, he wants his revenge…
He decides to break all of the musical instruments
and hide all the food in order to ruin the party.
Then, when Mother Nature arrives, he will
step in and act as a hero! During the gathering
Didi and Ditto notice Zolt’s strange behavior
and decide to keep an eye on him. It is up to your
child to decide which beaver will watch Zolt
while the other will help Hootdini prepare for
the festivities.
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